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Welcome to CitiLists

About CitiLists

CitiLists is a community oriented Classified Ad, Event & Blog listing & posting service. Unlike other classified ad sites, Citilists does not require you to reload a new page each time you want to visit a new city or location

Instead CitiLists brings the city to you.

Users within the USA can add a new city at anytime from our list of over 24,000 US cities. Users have the ability to further define a city based on city sections - no other Classified Ad site allows you to do this.

Currently there are over 450 cities within 62 different countries that you can post within; users can also search an entire country for ads, events or blogs.

Through our proprietary Location Navigational Menu (LNM) system a user no longer needs to open multiple new City pages in order to Find - Buy -Sell -Trade using Classified ads. This means you no longer need to maintain multiple bookmarks on your browser either, because CitiLists brings the city to you.

One World - One Website - CitiLists

CitiLists was designed to be community based and as such can be used to post local community Events and Blogs, in addition to Classified ads.

CitiLists may be new now but shortly it will become the standard "go to" classified ad website because it is simple to use and easy to navigate.


The CitiLists Team

Please Note:

CitiLists does not condone the use of offensive, racist, sexist language or content and these postings will be removed from this site. Please see our Terms & Conditions of use.

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