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Using CitiLists

Moving between Cities or Locations

Using CitiLists is very easy. Instead of forcing you to go to a new Classified ad page each time you want to switch to a different city, CitiList brings the City to you.

This is a huge leap forward compared with other classified ads site available today.

The Location Navigational Menu (LNM) - just under the header area and is always present on your screen - the LNM allows you to select locations or cities you want to visit quickly and does not require your browser to reload the page each time. You have the ability to filter your location at any time by:

  • Country
  • Area of the Country
  • State or Province
  • State County or Region
  • City
  • City Section

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Knowing where you are at all times

There are two main areas of the CitiLists site that will show you in what location you are in at all times. So unlike other Classified ad sites you can never get lost.

Current Location

In the top right hand portion of the page is a box called "Your Current Location"

This section reflects any choices you have made in the Location Navigation Menu and is the location where you are at, in terms of a city or area. Any classified ad, calendar event or blog that you post to will be in that location. Any time you change locations this will update automatically without having to refresh your screen.

Your Current Location CitiList

The second section that will tell you where you are in the Citlists world is called the Breadcrumb Navigator. The Breadcrumb Navigator is located in the central display area of CitiLists and except for a few occasions is always displayed.

Breadcrumb Navigator:

The Breadcrumb Navigator shows you in what category or subcategory you are currently at within the Classified Ads - Events or the Blog sections.

The Breadcrumb Navigator is a quick link backwards navigator. Think of the Breadcrumb Navigator as a Zooming Out tool.

As you can see from the Breadcrumb Navigator image above the location is as follows:

  • Country = United States
  • Area of Country = Central South
  • State = Louisiana
  • County = Orleans
  • City = New Orleans
  • City Section = French Quarter

  • The Classified Ad Category = For Sale
  • The Subcategory within For Sale = Tickets

Each sectional link of the breadcrumb is separated by >>

Anything posted within this location (French Quarter) will show as you move backward or zoom out by clicking on the breadcrumb links.

So if you post an ad saying you have tickets available for the the Super Bowl for instants, it will show up under Ticket ads for New Orleans, Orleans Country, The State of Louisiana, within the Central South Region of the US and within the United States overall.

This gives your ad far greater exposure, and greatly increases the likely hood of a response to your ad.

The same thing is true for the Categories >> For Sale >> Tickets breadcrumb.

Clicking on For Sale would show all the subcategories for the For Sale category and clicking on the Categories link would show all categories and the respective subcategories all on one page.


CitiLists has a very powerful search capability built into it. You have the ability to search all classified ads located within a country or you can narrow your search down to just a city section. CitiList searches can be conducted within just the classified ads or calendar events & blogs individually or collectively.

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